What's your advantage?

What differentiates us from the rest of the market when it comes to not only jiu-jitsu wear, but sports underwear/compression shorts in general? Well one of the main design advantage is the incorporation of bamboo fabric in the inside lining of North South Jiu-Jitsu Underwear. Bamboo has 3 major benefits over traditional or common fabrics; antimicrobial, temperature adaptability and wicking properties.

Naturally bamboo is anti fungal, microbial, and static. This comes from the growing process where a " bamboo kun" which bonds with the cellulose molecule is retained during the processing of the bamboo shoots to fabric. This transfers well into jiu jitsu because even after using and washing repeatedly the fabric still holds the protective qualities, while also fighting new bacteria growth. Bamboo fabrics eliminate nearly 98% of bacteria while cotton in studies has been shown to increase bacteria margins as high as 55000%. So our underwear not only keeps odors away but it also fights the infectious skin illnesses that have plagued many of us.... the infamous ringworm being one of the most common.

Also, because of the natural cross section shape of the fibers and the micro gaps and holes, there is much more surface area to the fibers then traditional fabric, allowing for more moisture absorption and ventilation. This also works in the colder temperatures as it creates pockets of hot air insulating your skin to keep you warmer when needed.

The last quality is more about comfort but also draws off of the temperature adaptability. Our bamboo lining is able to wick away the sweat more effectively than cotton. Bamboo absorbs 3 times its weight in water which draws the moisture away from the skin and towards the surface for evaporation. On a microscopic level bamboo is a round fiber meaning it rivals cashmere to the touch due to similar fiber shapes. This translates to comfort and staying soft and durable after many rolls. In a nutshell you feel better rolling in them and they stay comfortable for a long time!

These advantages are just some of the more obvious that separates us from the rest but just like in jiu-jitsu, the difference is in the details and we have paid a lot of attention on even the smallest of them so that when you are training you don't need to worry about odors or comfort.

We got your back!


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With North South underwear as another piece of equipment, you can now make sure you have a clean, antimicrobial, moisture wicking, cool and tough pair on hand. Treat them like your gi by cleaning them after your rolls and your training partners will thank you. It will also give you full confidence to go for those compromising positions that are so effective. Enjoy rolling with a new attitude with North South Jiu-Jitsu Underwear!


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