Lifestyle Underwear

Underwear is the first thing you wear and should reflect who you really are and inspire you to conquer your day. Wear boxer briefs that are made and designed with attention, fit properly, comfortable and represent your passion to surpass yourself everyday.

Jiu-Jitsu Underwear

Those are our famous underwear worn by many world champions. Every aspect has been tailored for high amplitude and intensity movements. It will keep everything in place, feeling fresh and will survive the worst conditions.

Jiu-Jitsu Spats

Our sought after leggings are designed from top to bottom with premium quality materials. They are true compression spats and give you all the benefits while training. They feel like no other!


Our true compression rashguard is truly technical. Laser cut seams, silicone tape, bamboo and perforated fabrics are only part of the story of that makes this premium rashguard.


Complement your collection of North South products with some functional and stylish accessories.

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With North South underwear as another piece of equipment, you can now make sure you have a clean, antimicrobial, moisture wicking, cool and tough pair on hand. Treat them like your gi by cleaning them after your rolls and your training partners will thank you. It will also give you full confidence to go for those compromising positions that are so effective. Enjoy rolling with a new attitude with North South Jiu-Jitsu Underwear!


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