What's your advantage?

What differentiates us from the rest of the market when it comes to not only jiu-jitsu wear, but sports underwear/compression shorts in general? Well one of the main design advantage is the incorporation of bamboo fabric in the inside lining of North South Jiu-Jitsu Underwear. Bamboo has 3 major benefits over traditional or common fabrics; antimicrobial, temperature adaptability and wicking properties. Naturally bamboo is anti fungal, microbial, and static. This comes from the growing process where a " bamboo kun" which bonds with the cellulose molecule is retained during the processing of the bamboo shoots to fabric. This transfers well into jiu jitsu because even after using and washing

How do you get those guys to wear North South?

I thought I'd share the answer to this question I get asked quite often. First, I would like to point out that we do not pay anyone to wear North South Jiu-Jitsu Underwear under their gi. All of the amazing grapplers that wear them do so because they love them. I get comments like "send me as many pairs as you can. That's all I wear" all the time. There are 2 ways that those athletes got North South Underwear. It all started with a friend training at Alliance headquarters with Fabio Gurgel. His training partners saw him wearing our athletic underwear and were intrigued. We sent a few pairs down south to guys like Michael Langhi, Tarsis Humphreys and Renato Cardoso and they fell in love with

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With North South underwear as another piece of equipment, you can now make sure you have a clean, antimicrobial, moisture wicking, cool and tough pair on hand. Treat them like your gi by cleaning them after your rolls and your training partners will thank you. It will also give you full confidence to go for those compromising positions that are so effective. Enjoy rolling with a new attitude with North South Jiu-Jitsu Underwear!


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